Women enjoy volleyball despite losses

Team struggles, but enjoys the battle
and demonstrate true sportsmanship

By Jirou Williams, Contributing Writer

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

After playing volleyball at Central State for four years, senior Quioina Baffman is still looking for the team’s first victory.

“I do believe that CSU is getting better and will win many games in the future,” Baffman said. “Everyone needs to stay focused and show true heart.”

Over the last four years, the team has won a number of games, but has never won an actual match — you’ve got to win a best of five series to win a match. Assistant Coach Audrey Parries is hopeful that the elusive victory will eventually come. “We are definitely finding our rhythm. It is tough trying to balance out everyone’s skills,” Parries said.

In October, the women played a competitive match against Rio Grande University and later lost to a tough squad from Cedarville University. At the time, Cedarville had a record of 27 wins with 4 loses.

Sophomore Ashley Wilson is a middle hitter/blocker on the team. “We play well as a team and listen to each other for the most part. Our weaknesses are that we lose our intensity towards the ends of matches, and we need to work on our attitudes individually,” Wilson said.

Coach Parries agrees that developing mental toughness is an ongoing challenge. “We are lacking the mental maturity of a college level team, and sometimes we lose focus after mistakes are made,” Parries said. “As far as building the relationships between players and coaches are concerned, everything is running smoothly.”

Team members say they could use more support from the university community. “CSU’s women’s volleyball team needs more support from its fellow classmates, staff, and its players,” said Baffman. “What you put in is what you’ll get in return.”

The women’s team may not yet have won its first match, but team members say they’re having fun and learning at the same time. Ashley Wilson says she’ll be back next year. “We have already experienced to worst so we can’t go any direction but up,” she said.


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