Register for classes online with MyCSU

By Tonya Branham, CSU Registrar’s Office

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Janielle Harris, a Learning Communities student, was the first person to register for Spring 2006 classes online. Harris used the university’s new web portal, MyCSU, to register. MyCSU is available to all students.

Administrators say MyCSU will enable students to select and secure first choice classes early, prevent late fee charges, and purchase books in a timely manner. In addition. the program will allow students to view their course history, grades, account balances, the academic catalog, and other personal information.

Students will be able to view, update, and print this information from any personal computer with Internet access.

Registration for the spring semester begins Monday, Nov. 14, 2005. For detailed instructions on how to register using MyCSU, go to the university web site at, click the registrar’s link and then click “student web registration instructions.”

Students will not be able to register for class in certain situations. To ensure that you can register, students should:

• Visit the MyCSU site to determine whether there are any existing holds on their student accounts and get the holds cleared prior to attempting to register in classes.
• Contact cash management to obtain financial clearance, which will also enable them to register.
• Visit their academic advisors to ensure that they register for courses that apply to their major and degree requirements. Once the advisor approves the schedule of classes, the advisor will clear the advising hold so that the student may register for classes via the Web.

The University is excited to provide a more efficient process for students to register for classes and to manage their own academic journey. You may still register for classes in person at the Registrar’s Office. Call that office at 937.376.6231 for assistance


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